About us

Valmore studio d'arte was founded in 1995 by the director Valmore Zordan and by her passion for contemporary art in the second half of the twentieth century, expecially for those movements that changed radically the concept of work of art.

The choices of the gallery focus on artists who develop a deep and serious research, rooted in the scientific discoveries of their time, and create objects and situations from experimentations realised also by more and different personalities (groups).

Valmore studio d'arte has artists from the historic international groups of Optical, Kinetic and Programmed Art, artists of the Analytic Painting, artists subscribing Spatialism, historic Visual Poetry, Video Art and Electronic Art.

The intent is often to propose artists with an interesting historical past, known and appreciated by careful criticism, but not always sufficiently appreciated by the art market.

Thanks to the coherence and the attention to the cultural value, Valmore studio d'arte is an international reference-point. In fact, in addiction to the regular exhibition activity, the gallery co-operates since a long time with governments, museums and important cultural institutions all over the world.

Care, reliability, coherence in the choices and concreteness in the proposals make it possible to influence the market without being conditioned, regardless of the mode, and allow to gain credibility over time.

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